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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hi, Fireman!

Have you ever had writer's block?

Well to start out, I have to point out that Paul Ellsworth gave a really good talk in church and I believe that he is going to be a heck of a missionary. I see so many guys in the single's ward that are going to be impressive missionaries, they just need to get out there. So there's my little plug.
I am also going to post a scripture that I found particularly inspiring this week. 1 Nephi 14:14 and then hop on over to 1 Nephi 15:24. All I can say is that during these particularly hard times in the world and specifically in my life, knowing that the Lord has given us scriptures that will keep the power of the devil from overtaking us makes me have hope. I know that in my life there are so many things that I can improve on and scripture reading is one of them. With a promise like that though, I don't know why I starve myself. My spirit is hungry but instead of feeding it I starve it even more... isn't that horrible logic? Have you ever been able to see exactly where you are going and what your goal is? Have you ever been able to catch a glimpse of your life's purpose and your life's ultimate goal? I don't feel like I can describe that glimpse, but I can tell you that when I am allowed to see that, I become so much more focused on trying to do what's right. Unfortunately, that eternal perspective doesn't come very often.

I guess I'll get off my soapbox now. How was your Sunday? Any good stories? All of the talks and lessons that I had were really good and made me think about stuff.

This is a really church-y post. I think I am going to go write in my journal, which is probably where I should've written all of this in the first place but I guess you guys get to see into my head a little bit. The more that I learn about myself the more I feel like I have so much to work on. But, I guess that's life and that's why we have the scriptures and the Atonement.

Ok, really I'm done now!

LOve Maren :)

p.s. I cannot wait for Spring Break and seeing people. :) I'm sorry that I have been SO busy and haven't had/made time for anyone or anything...


1 comment:

Fatty.Matty said...

I am excited too because we can actually do something besides sitting on a couch while you do homework and I watch a movie.

Um something that happened to me today was that I read through my Patriarchal Blessing....Uh-Mazing!

I don't think this was too churchy....I've had a lot of those posts....but I'm glad to see what's in your head....

....that may have sounded creepy....but that's not a first for me I guess

anyways I should go now....we have to leave for Priesthood in a little bit....I'll call you later....that is if it wont distract you :-)