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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oberon Winley

Fell into the water and for five minutes his colleagues yelled at him. Like that's really going to help. (movie... if you can name it, I'll... give you a hug the next time I see you... which could be a long time)

Tonight for Young Women's we had a dessert competition. The Laurels made Julia Mumford's chocolate trifle which is TO-DIE-FOR. Even ask my mother who cannot eat chocolate. If you would like the recipe let me know and I will ask Julia. Tom, her husband was mad at me because he is also in Young Mens and had to come up with a dessert too but I thought of it two weeks before him. hahaha, the power of thought. Sometimes I love being witty... well whenever I can be :)

I'm at that point in my schooling where I have so much to do but I can't remember the urgency of it until it is too late. So now I have to remember that all of my homework is urgent. The question is, which way do I prioritize them?

So my new glasses are really fun, but I have to use them a lot at night now. The new contacts do not like my eyes as long as the other kind did. But, the point of the story is that my eyelashes hit the lenses if they are too close to my face and so I have to wear them like a granny. So I either feel like a huge nerd or a granny. Yaay! I do love being able to see though.

Ok, I must go to bed now or do hw. I think bed sounds like a better idea. I hate wanting to stay up late yet having to wake up so early... Kristine you know what I'm talkin about!!!

Ok really. Goodnight!

Love Maren :)


Fatty.Matty said...

Is it Saints and Soldiers?

I want the recipe!

I prioritize my hmwk by which is more important to my career, then by the one that affects my grade more.

I love nerdy grannys....they make me smile!

Well good luck with all the work....I hope things get easier

mkay....grood night!


Kristine said...

Story of my life. Last night I tried to go to bed early, actually did, and then slept awful all night. Why does that happen? Meanwhile Alex is sleeping blissfully.

I don't think I know that movie, but can I have a hug next time I see you anyway? Which, by the way, should be the beginning of April. Yay for Conference and visiting Utah!

We have been on a movie binge lately. I'm in the process of deciding what stays and what goes. Pride and Prejudice = definitely stays. Anne of Green Gables = stays. Means Girls = GOES!

Have a good day and good luck with all that homework.